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Flute Player

Undergraduate Auditions

Students desiring to be considered for admission or scholarships may audition on one of our regular audition dates.

Spring Audition Dates

  • February 13th
  • February 20th, String Auditions and String Day
  • March 3rd

Registration at 8:30am in the Angelle Hall auditorium lobby

Auditions begin at 9am.

To schedule your audition, please contact the Music Office at 337-482-6016 or email

Auditions and Music Theory Placement

Degree Program Audition / Testing Requirements
BA in Music (Music Business) Two Options:
  1. Match pitch with voice to be accepted in a choral ensemble; or
  2. Pass an instrumental audition to be accepted into an instrumental ensemble.
BA in Music (Traditional Music) Audition on instrument, brief test to match pitch with voice, NO theory placement test
All others (including Media and Music Education) Performance Audition and Theory placement test1

Graduate Auditions

Graduate auditions are by appointment and must be accomplished before May 1. Contact the graduate coordinator for your area in the table below for an appointment.

See also Scholarship information

Area Coordinators

Audition requirements vary depending on the instrument area. For specific information or to schedule an audition, please contact the coordinator for that area. Fill out the form for either incoming freshmen or continuing or transfer students and mail it to the address indicated there.

Category Coordinator
(click to send email)
Phone More Info
Orchestra and Strings Michael Blaney 337-482-6050 String Auditions
Guitar Jeffrey George 337-482-6016 classical audition
jazz audition
Piano (classical) Susanna Garcia 337-482-6016 classical audition
Piano (jazz) Garth Alper 337-482-6016 jazz audition
Bass (jazz) Garth Alper 337-482-6016 jazz audition
Band Instruments (Wind Ensemble) William Hochkeppel 337-482-5669 Brass
Band Instruments (Marching) Jason Missal 337-482-5157  
Percussion Troy Breaux 337-482-5212 audition requirements
Brass Paul Morton 337-482-5216  audition requirements
Woodwinds William Hochkeppel 337-482-5669 audition requirements
Jazz Studies Paul Morton 337-482-5216   
Theory/Composition Matt Steinbron 337-482-6018  audition requirements
Traditional Music Mark DeWitt 337-482-1020   
Choral Conducting William Plummer 337-482-6015  audition requirements
Voice Shawn Roy 337-482-5939  audition requirements

1The test covers notes, rhythms, major scales and key signatures (up to four accidentals)