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Brass Audition Requirements

Prospective Music majors are also required to take the theory placement test.


  • All major scales in two octaves, the chromatic scale
  • An exercise to sightread
  • Two contrasting selections (two different movements from a solo work or two contrasting
    etudes (something technical and something slow & lyric)

Suggested Repertoire:

  • The All-State/Honor Band Etudes
  • Etudes from Sixty Selected Studies for French Horn by Kopprasch,
  • Two different movements from any of the Mozart Horn Concerti (one slow one fast)
  • Dukas Villanelle
  • Saint-Saens Morceau de Concert

Contact Catherine Roche-Wallace if you have any questions about the horn audition process.


  • All major scales and chromatic from memory. Range depends on the instrument.
  • Two pieces of contrasting styles. All-State requirements work well, but there are many works to choose from.
  • Sight reading.

Contact Paul Morton if you have any questions about the trumpet audition process.

Trombone and Low Brass

Trombone and Low Brass Studio Audition Requirements

Major scales and chromatic scale in the full range of the instrument

  • Sixteenth notes, quarter note = 72 bpm
  • LMEA scale sheets acceptable
  • Memorized major scales preferred

Two contrasting solo selections

  • 1 lyrical solo/ 1 technical solo
  • Solo literature preferred, no piano accompaniment required
  • *Contrasting etudes will be accepted
  • LMEA etudes accepted

Sight Reading

  • Sight reading will come from level II and III etude books appropriate to the instrument

Concert instruments required for auditions (no marching instruments).

  • Large-bore trombones preferred
  • Large-bore independent bass trombones preferred
  • Four-valve euphoniums preferred (baritones accepted)
  • Four-valve tubas preferred

Euphonium players

  • Please have audition prepared in bass clef. Students reading in B-flat treble clef will be assigned remedial level work until clef reading is proficient.

Contact Dr. Benjamin Yates at with questions about trombone and low brass auditions.