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The Dance concentration in the Performing Arts program focuses on training dancers and choreographers who are prepared to begin a career dancing or choreographing, or to pursue advanced study in dance.

The dance major includes intensive study in ballet and modern dance.

Immersion Right from the Start

From the very first semester of your time in the Dance concentration, you will be immersed in the world of the dancer.  Unlike other academic programs where you may have to wait a year or two to begin the real core of your major training, in Dance, you get started right away. 

Each semester, you will take studio coursework in both Modern dance and Ballet, and will continue with that core training through all eight semesters.  Studio courses in Jazz dance, Hip Hop, and Pointe are also available to help round out your technical skills.  In the second year, you will begin to learn how to craft your own original dances, and will continue that work into your third year with courses in Dance Composition and Choreography.  You will also take courses in dance pedagogy, dance history, dance science, rhythmic analysis, and a selection of theatre courses, all designed to help you become an artist with the tools to create your own fully-developed performances.

Learn Through Performance

In addition to the coursework in the Dance concentration, each Dance student is required to audition for the main Dance productions each semester.  This gives you the chance to put the training from the studio into practice. From restaging of romantic and classical ballets like Giselle, Les Sylphides, and Swan Lake, to modern dance pieces by established choreographers, you will contribute to a wide variety of dance pieces.  The Fall concert features work by faculty and regionally and nationally-known guest artists, while the Spring concert focuses on student-choreographed work.  So, whether you are dancing or choreographing, you will have opportunities to experience the journey of bringing a piece from audition through performance each semester.  

Not Your Average Student

Dance students must have discipline and dedication to the work, because they will spend many hours each week in the studio. While students in other majors produce work that is separate from themselves, as a Dance student, you are both the product and the medium from which your creation comes. You’ll meet with Dance faculty each semester to discuss your progress, strengths, and weaknesses.  You’ll work together to strategize on maximizing your potential. This close connection also gives you the opportunity to discuss your personal goals with faculty and choose elective courses that will best help you achieve those goals.