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Dance Minor

If your interests for a major lie elsewhere in the University’s wide array of program offerings, but you have a real interest and passion for Dance, the Dance minor might be for you.

Many of our Dance minors have significant dance training prior to coming to UL Lafayette, and want to continue participating in dance classes, honing their skills, and feeding their passion for dance even while pursuing another line of study as their major. Or, our minors want to gain dance skills that complement their area of study to enhance their career options once they complete their academic training.

Our minors come to us from a huge variety of the other majors on campus, so there’s no restriction on who can pursue a Dance minor. If you’re interested in the Dance minor, you will choose between two options: Ballet or Modern dance. This division ensures that you have a solid grounding in one form, enabling you to dig deep into a dance style and to gain a more developed set of skills in your chosen style.

Minors are welcome to audition for any of the Dance performances during the academic year, but are not required to do so.  In order to complete the Dance minor, you simply need to complete the required coursework in your chosen minor track. 

Modern Dance MinorModern Dance minor image

DANC 101 Intro to Dance I
DANC 112 Modern Dance Technique II
DANC 211 Modern Dance Technique III
DANC 212 Modern Dance Technique IV
DANC 311 Modern Dance Technique V
DANC 312  Modern Dance Technique VI
DANC 321 Dance History


Ballet minor imageBallet Minor

DANC 102 Intro to Dance II
DANC 132 Ballet II
DANC 231 Ballet III
DANC 232 Ballet IV
DANC 331 Ballet V
DANC 332 Ballet VI
DANC 321 Dance History