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What can I do with a degree in performing arts?

Create, Innovate, Perform

Obviously, the primary goal in pursuing a Performing Arts degree in Dance or Theatre is to create performances, either as an actor, dancer, choreographer, director, or designer. And, our graduates do that. In addition to those more obvious paths, our students have used their Performing Arts training to pursue work as educators, entrepreneurs, health care professionals, models, and more. 

Provide a Window on Our World

The Performing Arts create entertainment that lets people escape from their daily grind, and that’s why so many people enjoy them. But, more importantly, Theatre and Dance create a window on our world—new ways of looking at the issues and experiences of the world around us and the people in them.  By training as a Dance or Theatre artist, you are positioning yourself to speak about the aspects of life and humanity that impact all of us. Forging new connections between people, getting people to see something from a new perspective, or just reminding us about what’s really important in life are all gifts that the performing arts give to the world.  Share your vision with the world through your work as a performing artist.   

Develop Skills to Take You Anywhere

Additionally, no matter what path your life takes, the skills that Performing Arts students learn—like discipline, the ability to work collaboratively, creative problem solving, respect for deadlines, good communication skills, time management, the ability to learn quickly and accurately, and flexibility to deal with many different situations—are all skills that many different types of employers value.