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Classical Guitar Audition Requirements

Bachelor of Music (BM) — Performance, Music Media, Theory/Composition

Personal auditions are preferred. If a potential student is a long distance from Lafayette, then either audio or video formats are acceptable for a pre-audition. Upon passing the pre-audition screening, the applicant will receive a letter of invitation to schedule an on-campus audition. Students wishing to transfer in at higher levels should consult the area coordinator before preparing for their audition.

All applicants must demonstrate abilities from the following areas:

  1. Ferdinando Carulli, Mateo Carcassi, Mauro Giuliani, Fernando Sor, Dionisio Aguado, Julio Sagrearas, etc., and/or
  2. Leo Brouwer — Estudios Sencillos 1-10; Heitor Villa-Lobos — Preludes/Etudes
  3. Aaron Shearer, Learning the Classic Guitar — Studies from book 2 or works of equivalent or greater difficulty
Fingerboard Harmony
General knowledge of major & minor triads and dominant 7th chords. Basic understanding of diatonic harmony as well as chord and key relationships.
Two octave major and harmonic minor scales through the key circle demonstrating at least two differing fingerings for each [as opposed to one fingering pattern moved to various positions on the fingerboard.
Sight reading
The candidate will play a work no longer than one page demonstrating the ability to present the most basic harmonic and melodic elements of guitar music at sight.
All incoming applicants should prepare and perform from memory three pieces in contrasting style. Examples of acceptable audition pieces:

You must also take the theory placement test.

For more information contact the Guitar coordinator Jeffrey George by phone at 337-482-6016, or by email at