Get Out There

Here at UL Lafayette, you won't have to wait until after graduation to get real experience. With dozens of recitals, concerts, dance productions, and theatre performances every semester, there are always opportunities for you to shine on stage.

Find your place in the spotlight.

Personalized Education

In the School of Music and Performing Arts, you'll learn how to be a great performer.

We work to make sure your education is personalized with one-on-one lessons and small class sizes to learn the fundamentals and mechanics of music, dance, and theatre. Reach your goals and break into whatever field you choose.


Be the Best

Work on honing your craft with professors and peers who are truly dedicated to helping you become the best.

Join an organization, audition for an instrumental group or a choral group, work backstage creating costumes and sets, or audition for one of our theatre productions or dance performances.

School of Music & Performing Arts

In the UL Lafayette School of Music and Performing Arts, you can earn your degree while sharing your talents and love for music, theatre, or dance.

We offer degree programs in performing arts with concentrations in dance and theatre, a range of music undergraduate programs, as well as multiple Master of Music programs. We're also home to all of the University's performance ensembles, including choirs and bands.

All of our programs are designed to make you a successful professional so you can spend your life doing what you love.

Learn more about our degree programs, see our choirs and ensembles, learn about dance performances and theatre productions, and check out our upcoming performances.