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Admission to the Program

As a Theatre student, you’ll need to meet all of the required standards for admission to the University. If you're interested in pursuing a concentration in Acting, Directing, or Design/Technology, you will apply for formal admittance to those academic pathways at the end of the first semester. Acting concentration students should plan to audition, and Directing and Design/Technology students will participate in interviews or portfolio reviews. Formal admittance to each of those concentrations will be based on your audition/interview, but also on your work and growth in required major coursework in the first semester.

Continuing to Graduation

If you are a student in the Theatre program, it is mandatory that you participate in the mainstage Theatre productions each semester, and accept any roles in which you are cast or duties to which you are assigned. You will also be expected to attend all studio classes and satisfactorily complete any production roles to which you are assigned (including working in the scene or costume shops, filling a backstage production role, or other duties as designated by faculty overseeing the production).