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Theatre Minor

If your interests for a major lie elsewhere in the University’s wide array of program offerings, but you have a real interest and passion for Theatre, the Theatre minor might be for you.

Many of our Theatre minors enjoy participating in theatre, and want to continue to practice their craft while in college. Others want to gain theatrical skills that complement their majors to broaden their career options.

Our Theatre minors come to us from a huge variety of the other majors on campus, so there’s no restriction on who can pursue a Theatre minor. The most common majors we see in the Theatre minor are from areas like English, Communications, Moving Image Arts, and Education.

Theatre minors are welcome to audition for any of the Theatre performances during the academic year, but are not required to do so.  In order to complete the Theatre minor, you simply need to complete the required coursework. If you wish to take a different array of Theatre courses in order to get a deeper understanding of a specific aspect of the art form, course substitutions may be made with approval from a Theatre faculty member.

Midsummer Mechanicals production stillMinor Courses

THEA 115 Movement for the Actor I
THEA 161 Introduction to Theatre
THEA 251 Stagecraft
THEA 254 Costume Technology I
THEA 262 Acting I for Majors
THEA 313 Advanced Training in Technical Theatre
THEA 357 Theatre History I