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Hilliard Inspires Young Musicians at Clinic

Quincy Hilliard TeachingComposer-in-Residence Quincy Hilliard of the UL Lafayette School of Music travels the world conducting his music and giving clinics on band rehearsal techniques. After a recent workshop in Lawrence, Kansas, a pleased parent reached out to Dr. Hilliard to let him know how much the composer had inspired his son:

"My son, Jay, played bassoon in the band you conducted this afternoon in Lawrence, KS. He had a sensational experience and I know you were the reason why. Thank you for bringing your great musicianship and humanitarianism to these young musicians. Jay said you were funny, kind and passionate about the music. He said you were able to 'talk about things in a way that I could easily understand him.' This is pretty high praise coming from a 13-year old. As a band director in my first year of retirement, I don’t mind telling you that today’s concert brought me tears of pride for my son and for my profession. Thank you, sir."

—John Selzer