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Dr. Chan Kiat Lim receives 2023 MTNA American Music Teacher Article of the Year Award

Headshot of Chan Kiat LimProfessor of Piano Dr. Chan Kiat Lim receives the 2023 MTNA American Music Teacher Article of the Year Award.

The American Music Teacher is a refereed journal published by Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) with over 17,000 readers in the United States and around the globe. Lim’s peer-reviewed article was selected by the Editorial Committee from among the feature AMT articles published during the last publication year. Lim will be recognized at the 2023 MTNA National Conference in Reno, Nevada, in March 2023.  

The article “Listening With Your Brain: An Aural-Cognitive Approach to Teaching Musical Understanding and Artistry,” co-authored with Dr. Siok Lian Tan of Miami University, Ohio, appeared in the October/November 2022 issue of the AMT. The article results from research on how musicians process and understand sound. It advocates expanding our perspective to view and teach music listening as a mental process beyond the physiological act of hearing, in which we internalize and understand the sound we hear and the sound we imagine. It offers a comprehensive approach to listening that engages the brain and interconnects all senses in music-making to enhance true musical understanding and interpretations.  

Chan Kiat Lim was named the UL-Lafayette Distinguished Professor and Louisiana Music Teacher Association Outstanding Teacher in 2015. He was also the 2020 MTNA Louisiana Foundation Fellow and the recipient of the 2021 MTNA–Frances Clark Keyboard Pedagogy Award for significant contribution to the discipline of music pedagogy through his co-authorship of multimedia curriculum eNovativePiano.