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Staff Spotlight: Ashley Bastida

Ashley Bastida Headshot

Ashley Bastida
Job Title
Coordinator of Bands & Recruiting
Job Duties
All clerical tasks for large ensemble, travel, and recruiting for the School of Music.
What do people think you do?
Be the messenger for purchasing rules…and give Angelle Hall key access to the building. And, as one person told me, "a whole lot of everything, that we have no idea about!"
What do you actually do?
Process scholarships, setup auditions, coordinate logistics for travel (hotels, meals, buses, etc.), setup move-in times for dorms, close out Chrome River expenses, supervise student workers, format programs, process overrides, and help my colleagues in any and every way that I can.
How long have you worked for the University?, for the College of the Arts?
7 years as of June 15th! I've always worked for College of the Arts.
What is your favorite part of your job?
The people I work with. It's such a diverse, fun, and sometimes intense environment. The growth, progress, and collaboration on all parts is truly something special to witness and I'm honored be a part of it.
What is your favorite time of the day or week?
My favorite time of day is when my family gets home and is settled. I don't have a favorite day; I try to find something positive during each one.
What do you think is your most important contribution to your area or the college?
I have been through much of the program as a student, so I can empathize from a student perspective. I am the type of person who is not above admitting when "I don't know". However, with students or faculty, I will (try to) work quickly to find the answer and "get back to you".
What do you want the rest of the college to know about you?
I graduated from UL twice: I have an undergraduate degree in Psychology with a minor in Music. I also have a Master's Degree in Counselor Education.
What do you think that your co-workers would be surprised to learn about you?
Hm. Not sure…
What is your favorite pastime or hobby?
Dancing (particularly Latin or Cajun) and reading (when I have time…).
Anything else you want to add to let us know you better?
My family is my everything. ❤️

Ashley Bastida and family