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Music Education Degree Plan

The curriculum for the music education concentration totals 30-33 credit hours.

Major Area

12 credit hours

  • MUS 518 (Current Philosophies of Music) (3 credit hours)
  • MUS 517 Topics in Music Education (Taken twice for a total of six hours) (6 credit hours)

And choose one of the following:

  • MUS 550: Recital
  • or
  • MUS 597: Special Projects in Music Research, and do a Final Project
  • or
  • MUS 599: Thesis Research and Thesis (3 credit hours)

Other Studies in Music

12 credit hours

  • MUS 520-539 (Applied Music Lessons) (3 credit hours)
  • MUS 515 (Research and Bibliography) (3 credit hours)
  • MUS 577 (Analysis of Tonal Music) or
    MUS 578 (Analysis of Twentieth Century Music) (3 credit hours)

and choose one of the following:

  • MUS 562 (Seminar in Music History) (3 credit hours)

Music Education Electives

6–9 Credit Hours

  • Chosen from 400G and 500 level courses with the approval of the Coordinator for Music Education according to the student’s respective area of specialization.1

All full-time students must enroll and participate in a minimum of one section of MUS 544 Graduate Ensemble each semester whether or not the student has an assistantship.

1Note that one elective must be within the field to comply with Board of Regents’ requirement that 50% of total degree credits be in a major. Contact the Coordinator for Music Education (482-5220, AH 250).

2 Masters students electing the non-thesis option need 33 total hours, rather than 30, and will take one extra elective course for 9 hours of electives.