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Music Business

From the pre-internet age to today, the circumstances and dramatic changes within the music industry have created a unique and dynamic landscape.

Music consumption and distribution of content, the disruptive transformations in the modus operandi of record companies, artists as brands, vertical streams of music revenue, and the post-internet music business as it relates to recording, publishing, copyright, marketing/promotion, and trends – have all been reimagined with technology being a driving force.

The Music Business concentration introduces students to traditional and new music paradigms with emphasis in music production, management, entrepreneurship, and marketing and merchandising.

As the fastest growing major, we are committed to providing hands-on experiences in music production, examining the tools and practices of effective artist management, exploring the necessary elements involved in the business of live performances, highlighting entrepreneurial thinking, analysis, and application, and studying marketing and promotional strategies within the framework of a multi-faceted entertainment industry. Course work also includes intellectual property rights, law and ethics, music merchandising, and new media. 

The music business internship program represents the synthesis of student coursework in an applied-learning environment. Students gain valuable real world experience through daily interactions with mentors and professionals in the field of music. As such, we have partnered with our greater community, placing University of Louisiana Lafayette students with Festival International de Louisiana, the National Arts Marketing Project, KVRS Radio Acadie to name a few.