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Recording Arts Concentration

Immerse yourself in audio engineering, mixing, mastering, beat-making, live sound production, and electronic music in the recording arts concentration at UL Lafayette. 

Through our Bachelor of Arts degree program, you’ll get a deeper understanding of the technical aspects of studio recording, music production, sound design, and synthesis / computer-based music. You’ll learn to use the same tools as professionals and develop the skills you need for the technical aspects of the recording and live concert process.

Hands-on experience in music recording & production

Studying recording arts at UL Lafayette gives you access to our four facilities dedicated to audio recording, post-production, electronic music, and mastering — so you get extensive hands-on experience in music production. 

Collaborate with other music majors from the recording arts, music media, and music business concentrations on our student-run record label, Ragin’ Records. You’ll work on the conception, creation, production, promotion, distribution, and performance of music in an environment that closely parallels a real-world experience.

Throughout the recording arts program, you’ll learn from vibrant and experienced professors and professionals who will prepare you for a career as a recording engineer, mastering engineering, music producer, or beat-maker. With your music degree in recording arts, you can work in live sound or in recording studios for television, film, animation, and video games.  

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