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Traditional Music 4-Year Plan

Please note: the 4-year plan is no longer maintained on this page. Please see the university catalog for all current curricula.

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  1. Choose an 18-credit minor outside of music, justifiably related to your interests in this major. Advisor approval needed.
  2. Study of secondary instrument, a total of four (4) credit hours from a combination of MUS 325 Class Guitar I, MUS 327 Class Fiddle I, MUS 328 Class Fiddle II, MUS 329 Class Button Accordion I, MUS 331 Cajun and Creole Vocals, AMUS 115 Individual Instruction (1-3)
  3. To be chosen from MUS 364, 366, 370, 470
  4. Highly recommended but not required to take folklore for the literature elective--ENGL 332 or ENGL 335