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Piano Pedagogy 4-Year Plan

Please note: the 4-year plan is no longer maintained on this page. Please see the university catalog for all current curricula.

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Curriculum Sheet Archive (for Catalog years back to 2011)

Required ensembles for this degree plan are listed below under “Courses for Ensemble Credit.” Any combination of “Courses for Ensemble Credit” is allowed, except where noted in “Constraints and Exceptions” column, where allowable substitutions also appear.

8 Semesters of Ensemble Required

Courses for Ensemble Credit

  • 4 semesters of AMUS 206/406 Collaborative Piano and
  • 4 semesters from AMUS 206/406 Collaborative Piano, AMUS 240/440 Piano Ensemble, and AMUS 250/450 Chamber Music
  • OR serve as piano in AMUS 140/340 University Chorus, AMUS 145/345 University Chorale, AMUS 146/346 Chamber Singers, AMUS 155/355 Wind Ensemble, AMUS 190/390 University Orchestra

Constraints and Exceptions

You can substitute two semesters max as:

  • A singer in AMUS 140/340 University Chorus, AMUS 145/345 University Chorale, or AMUS 146/346 Chamber Singers OR
  • A major instrument in AMUS 160/360 Traditional Music Ensemble, AMUS 170/370 Jazz Ensemble, AMUS 180/380 Jazz Combo, or AMUS 190/390 University Orchestra

Please note: these ensemble requirements should be the same as for Piano Performance majors.